Geese in a lake

Geese Management in Connecticut

Geese Management in North America is done by population, with 30 goose populations recognized. Geese are long-lived birds that require several years to reach maturity. Most goose populations in North America are increasing in size. Numbers of locally breeding Canada geese are increasing rapidly throughout the United States, with many populations now at levels where agricultural issues and urban complaints are widespread and relevant concerns. Many states have responded to these increasing resident goose populations by increasing hunting opportunity on these birds. Special goose seasons are widely used throughout the USA and managed by the USFWS. However, in some situations, especially in urban areas where hunting can’t occur, goose numbers and problems continue to grow and proper geese management is difficult. Guidelines to control the growth of the goose population need to be established to fundamentally deal with the nuisance problems that come with these birds.

You will find there are numerous methods of geese control and how to handle the ever-growing goose population, whether it is their presence in public areas such as a golf course, public park, cemeteries, schools, universities to a more personal setting such as a private community setting. Generally, putting together a plan for Canada geese management that combines one or several of the techniques below has been proven to be the most effective way to eliminate unwanted Canada geese. We feel the most effective technique to manage Canada Geese for most property owners is implementing consistent harassment techniques utilizing professionally trained goose control dogs to make the geese feel unsafe in the area and seek other property.

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