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Geese Removal and Geese Control in Lake Peekskill, CT

Geese Relief can help control the number of pesky geese on your property and in your area in Lake Peekskill. If your neighborhood has nearby ponds, lakes or water reservoirs and you have geese living nearby, you probably know what a nuisance they can be.

We have a variety of goose control methods to keep geese off and away from your property, but our best solution is using our trusted Border Collies to safely and effectively chase geese away once and for all. In fact, we have 9 handlers and 10 service dogs all professionally trained in geese management.

Geese Problems

Geese problems can cause quite a bit of damage on public properties, especially lakes, golf courses, public parks, schools, and sporting fields. From aggressive goose behavior to agriculture damage, there are many reasons why geese management is necessary.

Goose droppings leave bacteria that can potentially pose health risks and when left in water it can cause beaches, public parks and lakes to temporarily close. In fact, goose poop has the presence of E coli and salmonella as well as other harmful contaminants. This can cause illnesses in pets and small kids that accidentally eat what may look like food. If that isn't a big enough problem, they can damage crops, cause flight safety hazards at airports, and aggressive geese behavior can cause them to attack anyone or anything near their nesting area.

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Though these birds are generally passive, if they are protecting eggs they may become aggressive and this can cause a traumatic experience for a child. Geese will alert people of their intent when they start to stamp their feet and hiss. If people have not backed off it is not unusual for geese to lunge and nip at intruders to what they consider their territory.

Solving Goose Problems

There are several options for ridding your property of Canadian geese including chemical sprays and landscape redesign, but the most effective method is to use highly trained Border Collies known as goose dogs. These intelligent animals are taught not to harm the birds, but rather to use their cunning and intense stare to convince the geese that a predator is lurking nearby. Geese are concerned with survival and will not congregate where a Border Collie is patrolling. Even better, when geese seek refuge in the water, the dogs are very adept at swimming and won't rest until the last goose has fled.

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At Geese Relief, our Border Collies have been specially trained as herding dogs. Our dogs are very effective at keeping geese away from unwanted areas in a safe manner. Even though they are not a threat, their presence alone will warn the geese to flee the area and stay away.

For effective geese removal and geese management in Lake Peekskill, CT contact us today at 203-883-5123.