A geese relief border collie

The Border Collies at Geese Relief

To get the job done properly and eliminate nuisance Canada geese, our Goose Dogs start with a solid herding foundation. All of our well-trained goose dogs are healthy and strong and have completed a structured program to prepare them for success in the field. A well trained Goose Control Dog can be very persuading to a flock of Canada Geese, convincing them that a certain location is not really where they want to reside. Our Border Collies are exceptional swimmers and intense herders and that makes them ideal candidates for controlling geese.

We safely remove the Canada Geese from a particular piece of property where they are unwanted. We abide by all United States Federal Fish and Wildlife Service guidelines concerning the Canada goose. Our goose control dogs do not harm the geese in any way but make them feel unsafe or unsettled in a particular area, therefore sending the geese fleeing to safer grounds. Goose dogs instill a natural fear in the geese that results in them immediately leaving an area for fear that their lives would be in danger if they stayed. Our dogs are allowed to chase the geese away but are not allowed to actually catch them. When geese are in molting season or are injured, our dogs are not allowed to physically catch or harm them.

Our Goose Control Dogs

Our Border Collies are always accompanied by a professional trainer who oversees that the job is done properly and respectfully. The dogs are never left to work alone.

Our Team Is Unique Because...

  • Our dogs are bred from solid working bloodlines to ensure they will be able to get the job done with success.
  • Our dogs are trained by professional dog trainers who spend a great deal of time during the training process to perfect our goose clearing techniques before a dog is allowed to be a part of any job.
  • Our dogs are trained to clear geese from both land and water environments.
  • Our dogs have their health clearances and are strong and reliable.

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If you would like to see our dogs in action, please give us a call. We take great pride in our goose control dogs.

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