Canadian Geese in Pond

Border Collies Use the ‘Eye’ to Chase Geese

Canada geese are attracted to golf courses, parks, ponds, and other areas with water, manicured grass, abundant supplies of food, and no predators. They can become a nuisance because they leave behind droppings on the ground and in the water, come to expect food if people offer it to them, and can become aggressive, especially during breeding season if they believe their nests and eggs are threatened.

One of the most effective and most humane methods of ridding the property of unwanted geese is to harass them with trained border collies. The dogs were originally bred in England and Scotland to herd sheep. Their natural herding instincts and demeanor can be adapted to the task of chasing away unwanted geese.

Border collies have 'the eye', a penetrating and intimidating stare. They watch the geese and assume a posture that reminds the birds of their natural predator, the Arctic fox. Border collies don’t need to bark or attack the geese. Their stare and gait are enough to do the job.

When Canada geese see a border collie approaching, they are usually quick to fly away. They may head toward the water, where a border collie can follow. If the process is repeated every day, over a period of time the Canada geese will realize that the border collie is an ongoing threat and will decide to look for another place to make their home.

Border collies are especially well suited for the job of chasing away Canada geese because they are the only breed of dog with “the eye.” They are very energetic, highly focused, and love to work. Border collies can be taught to chase geese but never to attack or harm them in any way. The threat alone is usually enough to make Canada geese abandon a property, making border collies an effective and humane method of geese control.

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