Geese Relief for Boroughs

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If you live in a borough that has been overrun with Canadian geese, it's time to call Geese Relief. Many boroughs of Connecticut towns have ample wetlands and waterfront property, prime locations for geese to gather. While these grazing birds are relatively harmless, they can become quite territorial and will also proceed to mar the landscape with their copious droppings. This can create an eyesore that will lower property values and make your yard an unwelcome place to be.

If left alone Canada geese will make your borough property their home. This will be a real problem if they feel comfortable to breed and nest. When geese have their young around that is when they become aggressive and sometimes violent. This can be a problem with small children and pets. The more comfortable geese are the harder they are to remove.

Your best bet for ridding a borough of unwanted Canada geese is to use the well-trained goose dogs at Geese Relief. Our Border Collies are experts at getting geese to leave the property and stay away. Unlike hunting and chemical sprays, the presence of a perceived predator is enough to keep geese from coming back. Contact Geese Relief today to rid your Connecticut borough of pesky Canada geese.

Solving Goose Problems

There are several options for ridding your property of Canadian geese including chemical sprays and landscape redesign, but the most effective method is to use highly trained Border Collies known asgoose dogs. These intelligent animals are taught not to harm the birds, but rather to use their cunning and intense stare to convince the geese that a predator is lurking nearby. Geese are concerned with survival and will not congregate where a Border Collie is patrolling. Even better, when geese seek refuge in the water, the dogs are very adept at swimming and won't rest until the last goose has fled.

For effective geese relief in Branford, call: 203-883-5123

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