What Geese Want

What Geese Want

When you get down to basics, Canada geese are not unlike any other creature. They want exactly what we want: food and shelter. However, unlike most creatures, Canada geese, in particular, are seeking out grass and wetlands for their homes.

If you own a home or commercial property in Connecticut, it is important to know what Canada geese are seeking when it comes to natural habitat and food so you can better defend your park or lawn from their territorial behavior.

Where Geese Inhabit

Canada geese are fond of areas that offer grass and water. This means that you can expect to find geese near ponds, lakes, marshes, and fields. You can also find Canada geese hanging around golf courses, city parks, and even school grounds. Any place that has plenty of grass for grazing and a nearby source of water will be a target for these grazing birds. If your home lawn or commercial property features grass and water then you can expect to find Canada geese attempting to gather on your property. It is unlikely you will remove a pond or scorch your lawn just to rid your property of geese so you need to consider more practical options.

A safe solution for guarding your property is to use trained goose dogs that will keep these geese from feeling at home. Safe, humane and effective, goose dogs are well-trained Border Collies that will tirelessly patrol your grounds and keep these geese far away.

What Geese Eat

Canada geese will mostly feast on grass including roots, shoots, stems, seeds, and leaves of grass and grain, bulbs and berries. Because of their elongated necks, Canada geese may also submerge into shallow water and chew on aquatic plants. If your property contains any of the above, it won't be long before these birds come sniffing around. If you make the mistake of feeding geese on your own, you can expect them to return.

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You will find there are numerous methods of geese control and how to handle the ever-growing goose population, whether it is their presence in public areas such as a golf course, public park, cemeteries, schools, universities to a more personal setting such as a private community setting. Generally, putting together a plan for Canada geese management that combines one or several of the techniques below has been proven to be the most effective way to eliminate unwanted Canada geese. We feel the most effective technique to manage Canada Geese for most property owners is implementing a consistent harassment technique utilizing professionally trained goose control dogs to make the geese feel unsafe in the area and seek other property.

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