Canadian Geese in Pond

Trained Goose Dogs by Geese Relief

Our Border Collies are bred from the best possible bloodlines that have themselves in the field for many years. Border Collies get their satisfaction from herding and stalking, not retrieving like many working breeds. All of our dogs are professionally trained never to touch or harm a goose, gosling or a nest.

We abide by all United States Federal Fish and Wildlife guidelines concerning the Canada goose. We use the trained goose dog's natural instinct and herding ability, along with their wolf-like stare, to keep geese off of client sites. They are first trained with traditional herding commands on sheep. They are taught at a very young age to never touch the sheep which translates to geese later in their training.

After they are trained on traditional sheep herding commands, our Border Collies are trained on domesticated Indian Runner Ducks. These ducks do not fly, so it teaches the dog to herd and stalk without touching them.

Finally, our dogs are trained/worked on Canada geese under the watchful eye of our professional trainers. Upon graduating from our training program, we move our trained goose dogs into servicing client sites.

Our Border Collies are equally well on both land and water – handling all of your nuisance bird management needs.

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