Canadian Geese Changing The Natural Habitat

Changing The Natural Habitat

Changing a goose’s known habitat can be considered quite devastating to a goose and is considered imperative to overall Goose Control. This technique will discourage the geese from gathering in specific regions.

There are numerous ways to go about changing their environment:

Eliminate Feeding Geese in Public Areas. One reason geese congregate in public areas is because so many people feed them stale bread! In order to eliminate geese in these areas, people should stop feeding them. Once geese are resigned to the fact that a certain area is a constant food source, it may be difficult to persuade them to leave the area for good. Posting signs, or signing a town ordinance that addresses not feeding these birds, would be a step in the right direction. Changing the feeding patterns to geese will discourage them from staying in an area. Planting vegetation that they do not care for will encourage them to more to a more suitable area for feeding.

Creating Barriers/Boundaries in Landscape. Using barriers such as large rocks, shrubbery, hedges or installing fencing can make access for the geese in prohibited areas more difficult. Keep in mind that a fence should be at least 3 ft. tall in order for it to be beneficial in keeping the geese at bay.

Growth of Vegetation. Geese do not want to feel threatened by the unknown of what might be around the next corner and prefer a clear view all around them. They like to be able to view what is coming and going. Creating an area with tall grasses, shrubs, hedges, etc. proves effective in generating less desirable locations for geese.

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