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First impressions mean a lot in business. When clients come to visit your office and are greeted by a lawn that is littered with Canada geese and their droppings it sends the message that you just don't care. In addition, if these grazing birds feel at home they will have no trouble lunging at people walking by to protect their territory. This sight and confrontational experience will most likely result in you not getting the sale or the chance to invite these clients back again.

Geese populations are a fact of life in Connecticut. These birds have been making lawns and lakefront property their home for years and this leads to many gaggles finding specific areas much to their liking. If they are comfortable enough they will start to nest in these locations and then will act aggressively to protect their young. If you want your office to be a welcome place for employees and prospective clients to visit, contact the experts at Geese Relief who will use specially trained goose dogs to keep Canada geese off your property.

The problem with repellents and chemicals is that geese build up resistance and also return to the area. Even a harmful spray won't be enough to keep geese away and in many cases it may harm your lawn and the people working in your office. At Geese Relief we use trained Border Collies that humanely and effectively get geese to understand they are not welcome and should graze elsewhere. With their persistency and wolf-like stare, our goose dogs make geese think a natural predator is lurking and will flee out of self-preservation. Make your office grounds safe and clean, contact Geese Relief today.

Solving Goose Problems

There are several options for ridding your property of Canadian geese including chemical sprays and landscape redesign, but the most effective method is to use highly trained Border Collies known asgoose dogs. These intelligent animals are taught not to harm the birds, but rather to use their cunning and intense stare to convince the geese that a predator is lurking nearby. Geese are concerned with survival and will not congregate where a Border Collie is patrolling. Even better, when geese seek refuge in the water, the dogs are very adept at swimming and won't rest until the last goose has fled.

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