Canadian Geese in Pond

Why Does Geese Relief Use Border Collies

Border Collies are one of the hardest working animals in the canine family. They are very intelligent animals that are specially trained as herding dogs. Border Collies are extremely effective in keeping geese out of areas where they are considered a problem or a nuisance. Border Collies are the method of choice to get rid of geese in large open areas such as golf courses, airports, parks, school ground recreation fields, corporate parks, etc.

Border Collies are considered safe to use, effective and environmentally friendly and the results of their efforts are rather immediate. While their wolf-like gaze or stare is incredibly frightening to geese, convincing the geese to flee for fear that their lives are in danger, these dogs will not physically harm the geese.

Prey & Drive

The Border Collie is the only breed with just the right combination of prey drive and control for Canada goose deterrence. Once trained to their fullest potential, well-trained Border Collies can be sent straight at the birds at full speed and weave to the right or left, going around the geese. These canines can be stopped on a dime and compose themselves once again. This strategy of using Border Collies for Goose Control has become increasingly common across the country. The U.S. Humane Society, The Coalition Against The Destruction of Canada Geese and GeesePeace all endorse the use of trained Border Collies in solving problems with Canada goose.

The Border Collie History

For over 300 years, the Border Collie has been bred to herd livestock. They have been adapted to be used in many climates around the world, herding a vastly wide range of livestock as well as some other animals. Border Collies came from Scotland, along with the border between Scotland and England, thus, the name Border Collie. In the 1920s, Border Collies were first imported into the United States. In many parts of the world, they are actually known as "Working Sheepdogs." Border Collies are intelligent dogs developed to herd sheep in the harsh climate of the border country between England and Scotland. The Border Collies' energy and willingness to work are legendary, but in this day and age, there are few opportunities that still exist to herd sheep in the US.

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