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Goose Control & Geese Management in Connecticut

Photo of the owner and one of his four legged employee

Geese Relief would like the opportunity to come out to your property for a one-on-one consultation on Goose Control.  We can discuss different goose control methods to help solve your goose problems.  But when it comes down to it, the best solution is the use of Border Collies for eliminating your goose problems once and for all.

Geese relief Employs 10 service dogs and 9 Handlers who are professionally trained in geese management.

Why Are Border Collies So Effective?

Border Collies are specially trained herding dogs that are very effective in goose control by keeping geese out of unwanted areas in an environmentally safe and effective way. Border Collies use their eyes to frighten the geese into flight while never even coming close enough to the geese to harm them. The geese consider the Border Collie a natural predator because of their wolf-like looks and stares. Border Collies are persistent and have a determined will and desire to work which makes them extremely effective as a method of goose control. By interrupting the geese and their environment, they will feel threatened and disperse to a safer ground.

Geese are very adaptable to multiple surroundings and settings. They even become comfortable in an environment where there are many people, loud noises, even playing children, but they by no means get used to the threat of a predator lurking in their territory. A Border Collie's presence will cause enough warning for these geese to abandon an area for good.