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Geese in a lake

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Geese in a pond
Grass lawn killed by geese
Geese in a lake

Geese Problems in Connecticut

Goose damage caused by resident geese to public property — lake shores, golf courses, public parks, schools and sporting fields — as well as to private property has been quite extensive.

Goose Droppings

Goose Droppings damage property and pose health issues due to the presence of disease-causing bacteria.  Goose droppings can become aesthetically unpleasant and quite annoying to anyone dealing with the problem. Goose poop can persist in shallow waters such as lakes or ponds and even up on land.   Goose poop has Salmonella and E coli present and can even elevate bacteria levels by fecal coliform. Coupled with other contaminants, this fecal matter can lead to the temporary closure of beaches or public parks.

Agricultural Damage

Geese damage crops through consumption or trampling sprouting crops. They are specifically known for their destruction in corn fields, soybeans, winter wheat, rye, clover, sod and various vegetables.  Geese also compete with farm animals, such as sheep and other livestock, for grazing land.

Flight Safety Hazards

Problem Geese also pose as a threat to flight safety hazards at airports.   Due to their large size and vast numbers in the sky, bird-aircraft strikes have resulted in human injuries as well as substantial financial losses to airlines and airports.

Agressive Behavior

Geese can be quite aggressive while protecting their nests.  Geese may attack anyone or anything that approaches their nests.   Extreme caution should be taken into effect when approaching a nesting area.  Residents who live close by should be aware and take precautions to avoid confronting the birds.  When agitated, the geese show warning signs such as lowering their heads, spreading and flapping their wings and making a loud and distinct distress calls. Any of these behaviors should alert people that the geese are preparing to protect and attack.

What Are My Options?

There are many options for nuisance goose control. We can evaluate your specific situation and provide you with several practical solutions for your geese problems.