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Geese Relief For Parks and Playgrounds

It's very common for Canada geese to inhabit parks and playgrounds. Being grazing birds, these geese enjoy the vast grass of these areas and will feed for as long as they can. Unfortunately, in addition to grazing, Canada geese will also make parks and playgrounds their dump sites. Just 50 geese can produce two and half tons of excrement in a year. That's right, two and half tons. Waiting for rain and erosion to remove this waste from a park can take a long, long time.

While geese fecal matter is sitting, it presents very real health hazards. E Coli and salmonella are just some of the harmful bacteria found in goose excrement. If a child or pet dog accidentally ingests this waste it can lead to serious illness. In some cases, the noxious odor of the fecal matter is enough to make people sick. Beyond the smell, the sight of goose droppings ruins the pretty and natural look of parks and playgrounds and will create a very toxic environment that is unhealthy and unsafe.

If you're Connecticut park or playground is becoming a popular place for Canada geese, contact Geese Relief today. Our expertly trained goose dogs will help rid the property of these annoying birds in a humane manner that will preserve the ecosystem and won't bring any harm to the geese.

Solving Goose Problems

There are several options for ridding your property of Canadian geese including chemical sprays and landscape redesign, but the most effective method is to use highly trained Border Collies known asgoose dogs. These intelligent animals are taught not to harm the birds, but rather to use their cunning and intense stare to convince the geese that a predator is lurking nearby. Geese are concerned with survival and will not congregate where a Border Collie is patrolling. Even better, when geese seek refuge in the water, the dogs are very adept at swimming and won't rest until the last goose has fled.

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