Geese Relief for Apartment Complexes

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p>If you own or manage an apartment complex in Connecticut and have problems with Canada geese, it's time to get relief… Geese Relief. Apartment complexes with lawns and ponds are ideal locations for Canada geese, grazing birds that are becoming more prevalent in the state. Unfortunately, when enough geese gather they can create quite a mess with their plentiful droppings. This will make the grounds of your apartment complex messy and uninviting. Also, if the geese start to mate and nest they will become very territorial and in some cases may even lunge at residents. This could lead to a liability lawsuit you don't want to deal with.

To quickly and humanely remove Canada geese from your Connecticut apartment complex, contact Geese Relief today. We employ highly-trained Border Collies to patrol the grounds and make the geese understand they are not welcome. Unlike chemical sprays, our dogs are an all-natural goose deterrent that is more effective and environmentally friendly. Using their wolf-like stare, dogged persistence and cunning, our dogs make geese believe a natural predator is lurking and the geese will leave for their own safety.

Studies show that geese will return to a popular area even if it has been sprayed with a chemical or if it has been used by geese hunters. However, with goose dogs the geese are much less likely to return since they recognize the dog as a predator and will not want to put their mates or young at risk. Contact Geese Relief today to get your apartment complex cleaned up quick.

Solving Goose Problems

There are several options for ridding your property of Canadian geese including chemical sprays and landscape redesign, but the most effective method is to use highly trained Border Collies known asgoose dogs. These intelligent animals are taught not to harm the birds, but rather to use their cunning and intense stare to convince the geese that a predator is lurking nearby. Geese are concerned with survival and will not congregate where a Border Collie is patrolling. Even better, when geese seek refuge in the water, the dogs are very adept at swimming and won't rest until the last goose has fled.

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