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Goose Removal or Relocation is a very extensive program and can be very cost prohibitive, as well. Such a task requires a special permit to attempt goose removal and is only recommended for extremely serious problems – when the public health or safety is involved.< When goose removal is done incorrectly – the geese will consider that area their "new home".

Goose Removal is a stop-gap effort when it comes to goose control. The property must be changed to make it less attractive to geese, or the removed geese will be replaced with new Canada geese.

Therefore we recommend the use of professionally trained goose dogs to make the Canada geese feel less safe on the property.

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Golf Courses

Golf courses are known for their meticulously manicured grounds that often include water hazards and wild grass scenery.

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Parks Playgrounds

It's very common for Canada geese to inhabit parks and playgrounds. Being grazing birds, these geese enjoy the vast grass of these areas and will feed for as long as they can.

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Athletic Fields

chools and parks in Connecticut often have athletic fields. Unfortunately, these are popular places for Canada geese to graze.

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Lake Front Properties

Nothing appeals to Canada geese more than water and grass. Lakefront property is heaven for a gaggle of geese and if you own a lakefront home then you can expect to find plenty of these grazing birds on your property.

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When schools are in session it is common for students and teachers to walk outside on the grounds, sometimes hold classes outdoors and enjoy lunch and breaks on grassy lawns.

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Cemeteries are the resting place for loved ones and should be kept clean and neat. Unfortunately, since most Connecticut cemeteries have ample lawns and grass, these can be popular locations for Canada geese to graze.

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Many people choose to live in Connecticut due to the quaint New England settings offered by many townships.

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Private Communties

Private communities in Connecticut are meant to be just that, private. However, if your community has ample grass and ponds you can expect some unwanted visitors in the form of Canada geese.

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Apartment Complexes

If you own or manage an apartment complex in Connecticut and have problems with Canada geese, it's time to get relief… Geese Relief.

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If you live in a borough that has been overrun with Canada geese, it's time to call Geese Relief.

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Business Parks

Many geese populations look for grassy areas and ponds to spend their time and if your business park has these features, you can bet these grazing birds will flock.

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Because of the vast grass lands that surround airports, these are very popular areas for geese. Grazing birds, Canada geese look for plentiful grass to feed on and airports and airfields often provide ample feeding.

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